Pillow Form 14" x 20" (Down Feather Fill) - Case Lot - 12 Pieces

Pillow Form 14" x 20" (Down Feather Fill) - Case Lot - 12 Pieces

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Pillow Form 14" x 20" (Down/Feather Fill) - Case Lot 12 Pieces

Down/Feather Pillows

Our down/feather filled cushion fillers are the designer/ high quality versions of our polyfill forms. All of our down & feather inserts are filled with 5% white goose down and 95% white goose feathers in a down-proof 100% cotton (255 thread count) cover. The down and feather are washed and scent-free. Those with allergies should use the polyester filled cushion inserts that we manufacture. The down/feather pillow forms are very popular with designers and decorators looking to fill out their custom pillows. Buying a blend of down and feathers is a cost effective alternative to all-down inserts which can be quite expensive. Our inserts are competitively priced at low wholesale prices, making them a great buy for resale and for direct use in design projects.

The Down/Feather Fill in our Pillow Inserts
Our down/feather pillow inserts are filled with a blend of 5% white goose down and 95% white goose feather. All feathers are washed and sorted. They are fluffy and white (as shown in the picture to the left) and don't poke through the pillow tick due to the down-proof 250 thread count shell. At HomeTex.ca, we maintain strict quality standards with our manufacturers, ensuring that the pillows use only white feathers. If an insert has too many black feathers, it creates a dirty looking product that clashes with the upscale nature of the item. The down and feather blend is washed ensure that the product is safe and clean for use in homes.

What Size Down/Feather Insert?
For more info regarding our guidelines for pillow form/pillow insert sizing please read our article entitled Pillow Form Sizes. The general rule of thumb for a down & feather pillow is to go two sizes larger than the cushion cover. That means that if you have a 16" x 16" cushion cover, you would want to use an 18" x 18" down/feather insert. The high quality nature of the product dictates that the inserts are filled to a medium level (the polyfill ones are over-filled to look puffy, the down/feather are filled to look elegant). Using a larger size insert will ensure that the corners fill out properly, an important aspect for creating an elegant cushion.