These video guides walk you through some of the features of our website, as well as provide more information on ordering options. If your questions have not been covered in these videos, check our FAQ or send an email to and a reply will be sent within 1 business day.


See below for transcript. Walkthrough guide how to get a quick shipping quote and how to correctly enter your shipping address.

Step 1) Add desired items to your cart. Step 2) Browse to your cart page.
Step 3) Open up the shipping estimator in the top right corner. Step 4) Enter your province and postal code and click Get a Quote.
All the available shipping options will be displayed along with the prices.

See below for transcript. Walkthrough guide how to apply a coupon

Step 1) Scroll down to the bottom the page and click the coupons link.
Step 2) Identify which coupon will apply to your order.
Step 3 Go to the checkout page. Step 4) Copy and Paste or type in the coupon code exactly as shown into the discount code box and click Apply.

See below for transcript. Walkthrough guide to make a purchase order

Step 1) Add items to your cart as usual and click proceed to checkout.
Step  2) On the payment section of the checkout page, select the "On Account" option. Step 3) Specify how you will be paying (Cheque, e-transfer etc.) Step 4) Complete your purchase and contact us with your method of payment (Call or send an email when payment has been made.) We will not process unpaid orders.

See below for transcript. Walkthrough guide to pre-ordering items

Step 1) Add items marked Pre-Order to your cart and proceed to checkout.
Step 2) Enter your Billing/Shipping details and proceed to the payment section. Step 3) Choose the Pre-Order payment option and complete your order. Step 4) We will contact you by phone/email for payment when the items arrive in our warehouse. Pre-Orders are not guaranteed until we receive payment, they are packed on a first-paid-first-served basis.

See below for transcript. Explaining our clearance specials

Our clearance specials/short ends/overruns are created from over production, order returns and partial rolls of fabric. Everything is first quality unless stated otherwise.

See below for transcript. Compression options for individual pillow forms

We have several options regarding individually compressed/packaged pillows forms. The pillow re-inflates immediately after opening the packaging.

See below for transcript. Uncompressed VS Bulk compressed pillow forms: what's the difference?

We are able to offer pillows in bulk, which is cheaper than individually packaging and compressing every pillow. We can bulk compress for easy shipping or we can leave them uncompressed, which will take up much more space for shipping/storage. Our bulk compressed pillows re-inflate immediately upon opening the bag. 

See below for transcript. Watch how we fulfill our cost effective & efficient shipping

Watch how we are able to pack the truck in a way that uses the most space possible in order to pass on cost-effecting shipping prices to our customers.

See below for transcript. Watch how different size pillow inserts fill out the cover

Our general rule is: for covers 17" x 17" and smaller, get an insert 1" larger than your cover. For 18"x 18" covers and larger get an insert 2" bigger than your cover. For Down/Feather and Synthetic Down, go 2" larger. If you want a deep chop, use an insert the same size as your cover.

See below for transcript. We now offer free in-store pickup for orders 

We are now offering free in-store pickup for customers who are or will be in the GTA. We are located at 200 Bentworth Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. Please give us at least 30 minutes of notice before you arrive so that we can get your order ready at the front for you.