Due to Covid-19 safe distancing restrictions, orders may take up to 14 business days.


Q: I'm nervous about buying online...
A: Call us or email us, we will process your order offline
Q: What happens if I make a mistake or have second thoughts
A: Call us Toll Free 1-855-466-3890 or email us help@nusso.com we are always available to work with you.
Q: Do you ship outside Canada?
A: Yes, we also ship to USA. Shipping rates apply and are out of our control.

Q: What is Pre-Order and how do I make one?
A: Pre-Order items are products that are not currently in stock, but will be arriving at our warehouse around a specified date. See our How to Do a Pre-Order video guide for more information.
Q: You offered me a coupon how do I use?
A: You can redeem your coupon on the shopping cart page. Just enter the code and click "update"
Q: Do I have to give you a whole lot of information & register to make a purchase or checkout?  
A: No. Use the Paypal checkout option, put in your credit card or Paypal account with minimal information required.
Q: I want to delete my account and all my information.
A: You instruct us, and we will do immediately upon acknowledging your email.
Q: Can I pick up at the warehouse?  
A: Yes there is that option at check out time. We will notify you when ready. We are open 8:00 to 3:30 Monday to Thursday and to 2:30  on Fridays (all times EST). Plenty of parking in our lot. Please leave us your phone number in the comment section of the order.
Q: The Items I want are out of stock?    
A: We sell out of certain products from time to time, but they are usually back in stock within 30 days.

Q: Do you accept returns?    
A: Yes within 30 days of purchase unless sold "as is"
Q: How long do you take to ship?  
A: 1-3 working days if we can not meet that goal we will notify you, larger orders may take longer, we will keep you posted
Q: How do you ship?, can I track?
A: We use Fedex, Canada Post and CanPar; you will a get tracking number that you can easily track online.
Q: Special shipping instructions?
A: If instructed Fedex will leave on porch / side door /between doors / etc
Q: I forgot my password?
A: send us an email at help@nusso.com
Q: Do you cater to Institutional customers?
A: Schools, Churches. Camps and bona fide organizations please contact us for a discount coupon code
Q: I am a First Nations customer, how do I claim my tax Exemption?
A: Please see First Nations Point-of-Sales Tax Credits for details on how to get your tax exemption.