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Where Are We Located and Where Do We Ship From?


We ship all of our products out of our Toronto, ON warehouse which ensures that products get to you in a timely manner. We do not drop ship from companies in the USA as some other websites do. All the items you see on this website are warehoused in Toronto. We are 100% Canadian owned and have been operating out of Toronto for over 60 years. We are dedicated to maintaining our Canadian footprint and believe it is a strong factor in our online retail success. Experience the ease of ordering from a real Canadian company. If you wish to avoid shipping costs and pick up your order from our warehouse, see this page for details. Please note: the charges that appear on your credit card or Paypal statement will be from our corporate headquarters, Nusso Textiles Ltd.

How Much is Shipping & What Carrier Do We Use?

Due to our high shipping volumes, we are able to offer fantastic shipping rates to all of our customers with the highly reliable and efficient FedEx™ Ground. FedEx's world leading tracking systems allows customers across Canada to see where their shipment is while in transit. Every order receives a FedEx tracking number as soon as it leaves our warehouse.

To see how much shipping you will be charged, simply add products to your shopping cart to see how much it will cost to ship to your location. You will be able to calculate the exact shipping cost right on your shopping cart page, no purchase necessary. Feel free to use the shopping cart page to add and subtract items to see the difference in shipping costs. See our step-by-step guide on how to get a quick shipping estimate.

FedEx Truck

Shipping Costs Explained

As some of our products are large and bulky they are "weighted" higher by the shipping companies. Even though an 18" x 18" polyester fill pillow form only weighs 0.99 lbs the shipping companies weight them at just over 2 lbs as they take up more space. This is the case for a lot of our manufactured polyester goods. This in turn will create shipping cost that are slightly higher than those of items that are not as bulky. Luckily, here we have a way of saving our customers on the cost of shipping. We are able to compress a lot of our polyfill goods to save space and maximize the potential of our boxes and save our customers some of the shipping cost.

Large Orders of $500 or More

For orders larger than $500 of any polyester filled products, please contact us to discuss alternative shipping methods and rate. For orders larger than $1000 please contact us to discuss LTL shipping. LTL shipping is only for customers that have either a loading dock or a forklift as the order will be shipped on a skid. Send email to and a reply will be sent within 1 business day.

Free Shipping (Buyer Beware)

Online vendors have to build in the cost of shipping to the product price,  averaging out the shipping costs for our vast country of Canada. Customers in remote and less serviced are getting deals. Customers in major cities and on service routes are SUBSIDIZING the remote and less serviced areas when price includes shipping. We charge actual wholesale FEDEX or Canada Post shipping rates- we do NOT add on any handling fees. On larger orders (6 cartons and more) - we can contact our rep and work out a further discount. please contact us prior to ordering. Astute online shoppers are aware of this and appreciate our forthrightness.

Same Day Delivery

1) Your order must be received before 11 am.
2) Destination must be within the Greater Toronto Area.

Additional Info

This option is typically only available for our ready-made and stock items.
For our manufactured items, contact us prior to placing your order so that we can confirm if it can be fulfilled.

Manufactured items take 1-3 business days to process (before delivery).
We will notify you and refund you promptly if we can not meet the same day delivery promise.

 Please feel free to email/call/chat/fax us prior to ordering and we will confirm same day delivery.

How Long Does It Take for my Order to be Delivered?

We strive to ship your order as fast as we can! Once it leaves our facilities (most orders leave within 1-3 business days) the time it takes to ship can vary. Depending on you location FedEx Ground is capable of delivering you package anywhere from 1-6 business days (7+ in more remote locations). Regardless of the chart estimations below, they have been known to beat their estimations.

Attention customers in remote areas

For orders that require more than one package please contact us for alternate shipping rates. Please see below to make sure your postal code matches. Postal codes starting with:
A0P-A0Z, A2V, G0G, G4T, R0B, X0A-Y9Z.
If your postal code starts with the above please contact us to retrieve a shipping rate.


FedEx Delivery Map