Custom Size / Weight Pillows

We are generally able to accommodate orders for custom size and or weight for polyester filled and synthetic down pillow inserts. WE CANNOT CUSTOMIZE OUR DOWN/FEATHER PILLOWS. Please allow 2-3% tolerance on sizing and weights.

Please contact us for pricing on custom sizes and weights.

Regarding Custom Sizes:

The size of the pillow is measured on the flat shell prior to filling. After filling, the final length and width tend to be about 10-20% less due to the new dimension of height/depth. We recommend sizing up in order to compensate for this. For COVERS 17"x17" or smaller, we recommend sizing up the INSERT 1" larger. For COVERS 18"x18" or larger, we recommend sizing up the INSERT 2" larger.

Pillow Sizing

 Regarding Custom Weights:

We will do our best to produce the pillow according to your requested weight. However, due to fiber shortages, we have to source the fiber from different suppliers. We do our best to keep the fiber specifications as consistent as possible, but each supplier and every shipment may be a slightly different volume and density. Therefore, while we will do our best to accommodate your request, it is impossible to guarantee a consistent weight/feel from shipment to shipment. 

Return Policy on Custom Items:

Custom sizes are cut by hand and customized to you, we therefore cannot accept returns for custom sizes.

Custom weights can be returned to us. The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs and the items are subject to a restocking fee of 40% because we will have to open each returned pillow and adjust the weights back to our standard.

If you received your order and the weights are incorrect:
You may ship the goods back to us at your expense. If upon inspection we find that we made a mistake with the weights, we can either issue you a refund, or we will remake your order with the corrected weights. As we noted above, we will do our best to make your request weight, but it is impossible to guarantee a consistent weight/feel from shipment to shipment due to various sources of fiber.