Burlap Bags - 24" x 40" Food Grade (10 Pack)
burlap sack 24" x 40" food grade
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Burlap Bags - 24" x 40" Food Grade (10 Pack)

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Burlap Bags Food Grade 24" x 40" (10 Pack)

Our food grade burlap bags are great for storing food such as potatoes, nuts, grains, animal feed and other food items that need not be refrigerated. Also great for storing fruits that are still ripening, before they require refrigeration. The rustic burlap material is great as decoration for rustic themed events or parties. These lovely quaint bags are not only great for home and event use, they are also great for food/gift exchanges.

Burlap is a natural fabric and will have a slight scent to it. These can be aired out in the sun for a while to reduce the scent. Due to burlap's uneven nature, each bag will be unique and different, with some having slightly tighter weaves and others having slightly looser weaves, however the durability is guaranteed.

Burlap material is made from twisted natural jute fibers. Burlap fibers are 100% organic and therefore contain natural blemishes and creases. Jute fiber has a very rough texture to it, and this is why burlap fabric is typically rough and uneven. Burlap fabric also tends to shed little bits of jute strands, as well as comes with a very distinct odor.

Burlap fabric and burlap finished goods have a wide array of applications. Burlap is most commonly used as beautiful rustic décor for home and events, as well as in the garden. Lay burlap over your seeds to help them germinate, or wrap trees and plants to protect them from the winter frost. Important note: when you iron out creases, please place a fabric sheet between the iron and the burlap.