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#1181 Ocean Broadcloth Full Bolt (45" x 30 Meters)

#1181 Ocean Broadcloth Full Bolt (45" x 30 Meters)

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  • 45"� Wide x 30 Meter bolt
  • Durable, breathable and vibrantly colored
  • Very easy to cut, sew and dye, a great choice for clothing mockups and costumes, ceremonial flags and much more.
  • Cost effective sturdy material, perfect for schools, kids, organization, DIY projects and beginners.
  • polyester cotton blend. 105 GSM and 4oz/sq yd. Double folded.[/shortdesc]

Our broadcloth is made from a blend of polyester and cotton fibers. The cotton provides some added durability and breathability to the fabric, while the polyester contributes flexibility and extra dye-ability. This particular blend creates a fabric material that is durable yet cost effective, which makes it great for schools, organizations, classes and beginners. This material is excellent for DIY projects, crafts, kids and experiments. Our broadcloth is breathable, moderately dense, smooth and opaque. Our broadcloth is great for making clothing mockups and costumes. This material is very easy to cut and sew, as well as dye, you can get stunningly vivid colors with minimal effort. This material can wrinkle, but that can be easily corrected by lightly ironing. Our broadcloth is made from a blend of polyester and cotton materials. It is 45" wide and is double folded. Thread count: 110x76. Thread type 45x45. 105 GSM and 4oz/sq yd. Available in many different colors.