Synthetic Down Filled Inserts

Synthetic Down Pillows

Our synthetic down feather pillow inserts are the middle-of the road option when it comes to pillow forms. The real goose down pillows are super soft and luxurious, but they can get expensive. Our polyester filled pillow forms are generously overstuffed and come at a great price, but they are very firm. The synthetic down pillows combine the best of both products: soft, luxurious quality with low, budget-friendly pricing. The synthetic down inserts contains 100% hypoallergenic polyester microfiber fill inside a 100% cotton down-proof cover. For those with allergies, we recommend getting these pillows instead of the real goose down. These pillows look and feel just like the real down inserts, with the added bonus of not having to feel the feather shafts. We offer bulk and wholesale pricing for large-quantity orders.

Microfiber Pillow Open

Our microfiber synthetic down inserts are filled with 100% hypoallergenic white polyester microfiber. They look and feel just like our real goose down feather pillows, but without the feather shafts. This makes for a high quality, plush pillow insert that offers support for your head or back, but at the same time is soft andMicrofiber luxurious for maximum comfort. The microfiber fill is stuffed inside a 255 thread count 100% cotton pillow cover that is down-proof. These pillows are filled to a medium weight so that they will be soft and hold the “karate chop” look. The filling materials are synthetic and as such, they are naturally mold and mildew resistant (the cover however is natural cotton and must be dried thoroughly after getting wet to prevent molding), and we recommend them to allergy suffers.


We got a lot of questions asking about sizing. What size pillow insert should I get for my cover? The short answer is that it depends upon your personal preference. Do you like your pillows soft and squishy, or do you like them on the firm and supportive side? Generally speaking, our rule of thumb is to recommend getting a pillow insert that is 1-2” larger than your pillow cover. However, with our down feather and synthetic down pillow inserts, if you want a really defined “karate chop” look, you should buy the same size as your cover. This will allow the pillow room to breathe inside the cover and it will feel soft and luxurious. If you favor a firmer pillow with less of a chop, you can go up to 2” larger than your cover. This will fill out the pillow cover very nicely for an elegant look, and will feel more firm and supportive. In the end, it comes down to personal preference more than anything else.

Bed Pillows
We offer the synthetic down pillows in two "sleeping pillow" versions. Both of these pillows are 20" x 28", which is Standard/Queen size. The difference comes in the fill weight. We offer a lighter version that contains 840 grams of microfiber fill. We also offer a heavy version with 1000 grams of fill. It comes down to customer preference, but most customers like the extra support offered by the heavier version.
Synthetic Bed Pillows


Just like our polyester filled inserts, our synthetic down pillows can be washed by hand but they are machine washable, provided that they are handled with care. First inspect the insert to be sure there are no tears in the fabric. You don’t want the microfiber leaking out in the machine.Wash in lukewarm water (mild detergent or soap, DO NOT USE BLEACH). You can air dry or put in the dryer on low heat. Make sure that these dry completely in order to avoid molding on the cotton cover. See our care instructions for more details.