Polyester Table Fabric 60" Wide x 100 Meters Full Roll (White)  PICK UP ONLY

Polyester Table Fabric 60" Wide x 100 Meters Full Roll (White) PICK UP ONLY

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Polyester Tablecloth Material Close upOur Tablecloth Fabric is made of 100% polyester fibers, spun into the filament yarn structure for added strength. Spinning the fabric’s fiber in this particular way ensures structural integrity at the micro level, andPolyester Red Tablecloth aids in preventing loose threads, tearing and unravelling. This fabric is very durable, yet light weight, easy to handle and does well in multiple situations. Our polyester table fabric is color fast and accepts dyes incredibly well, allowing for vivid colors. This material is great for adding accents and splashes of color to your events. Use these as tablecloths at your wedding or outdoor parties. These are so versatile and excellent to use for barbeques and patio / backyard parties. The material is easy to clean, so there is no need to worry about spills and stains. This fabric is also fade resistant Polyester Wedding Tableclothand can be used in direct sunlight for up to 500 hours of direct exposure without dulling. This fabric material is moth resistant as well as resistant to most chemical substance damage. This Polyester Tablecloth Palettematerial is machine washable and can be dried with the dryer setting on low temperature. The fabric weight is approximately 170 grams per square meter. The yarn size is 300d x 300d. The polyester tablecloth fabric boasts 260 grams per meter squared. This is a plain weave fabric. This fabric is available by the roll in various vibrant colors, which is 60 inches wide and 25 meters in length. Also available by the yard.