Burlap Table Runner 14" x 336"
Burlap Table Runner 14" x 336"

Burlap Table Runner 14" x 336"

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burlap table runner on table14"x336" Burlap Table Runners
The 14"x336" table runners are made from 10oz high quality burlap. Each runner is hand-crafted giving it a real one of a kind rustic look. All of the finishing stitching is done by hand in our Toronto workroom. We carry a full line of table runners from 14"x60" to 14"x336" and we offer custom custom widths from 10" to 20". These table runners are a great touch to add to a table for a rustic wedding. They also make great decorations for Thanksgiving holidays. This fully recyclable product is 100% eco friendly, it can be recycled, reused and composted. Feel guilt free to use this product and know that it wont end up in any land fills.
Burlap Fabric Quality

close up of burlap qualityThis high quality jute (another name for burlap) is tightly woven (10oz per square yard) so it is strong and durable. The picture to the right shows the quality of the burlap. Burlap can sometimes give off a mild scent. This is from the process of manufacturing; linseed oil is used to make the burlap fibres easier to weave into the finished fabric. To get rid of the smell simply sprinkle some baking sodaover the burlap or air it out in the sun for a short while. It is natural for burlap material to have creases, place a sheet over it and and iron toclose up of finishing remove the creases.

Finishing Stitch
The burlap is finished with a hand sewn "Over lock Safety Stitch" to prevent the material from unraveling. This is a strong and durable stitch that will not let the burlap fray. The
close up of unfinished edges picture to the left shows the stitch pattern used to finish the burlap. These are genuine Canadian quality goods.
Unfinished Runners

For additional savings check the box titled unfinished edges. An unfinished runner makes your table look even more classic and rustic. A picture of the unfinished edges of the runner can be seen to the right. A larger image can be viewed above, under "more views". Florists can use burlap to accent their flower bouquets.