burlap drawstring bag 4x6-10 pc pack

Burlap Drawstring Bag (10pcs) - 3" x 5"

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Burlap bags are a wonderfully versatile product that have plenty of uses. Our customers use these bags for rustic events, party favors, and as classy gift bags. We make it from the same quality burlap as the tablecloths and runners, nicely finished on all sides. Florists can use burlap to accent their flower bouquets. Bags are sold in bundles of 10. There are quantity discounts available, even for orders as low as two bundles! If you are a wedding planner florist, or caterer please contact us for further discounts.


Burlap material is made from twisted natural jute fibers. Burlap fibers are 100% organic and therefore contain natural blemishes and creases. Jute fiber has a very rough texture to it, and this is why burlap fabric is typically rough and uneven. Burlap fabric also tends to shed little bits of jute strands, as well as comes with a very distinct odor.


Burlap fabric and burlap finished goods have a wide array of applications. Burlap is most commonly used as beautiful rustic décor for home and events, as well as in the garden. Lay burlap over your seeds to help them germinate, or wrap trees and plants to protect them from the winter frost. Important note: when you iron out creases, please place a fabric sheet between the iron and the burlap.