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40" Wide Burlap Aisle Runner - 30 Feet

40" Wide Burlap Aisle Runner - 30 Feet

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Burlap Aisle Runner:
Enhance your Rustic Wedding, by using a long strip of 40" wide, rustic burlap as an aisle runnner. The side edges will not unravel as they have natural selvedge edges. The runner ends are unfinished, and have the natural, raw look of burlap fabric.

Other SIzes Available:
Aisle runners are available in many lengths. Please browse or view related items to see available sizes.

Burlap is Recyclable/ Eco-Friendly:
You can recycle the burlap and use it to wrap your trees post-wedding - making your wedding more eco-friendly than the average white linen and lace event.