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36" Grade 80 Cheesecloth (100 yds) Full Roll

36" Grade 80 Cheesecloth (100 yds) Full Roll

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  Grade 80 Cheesecloth Swatch

  • Grade #80 cheesecloth
  • 100% Cotton
  • Bleached White
  • Food Grade
  • Thread count: 40 x 32
  • Quad-Folded on the roll to save on shipping
  • Great for Cleaning, Cooking, Crafts, Medical Gauze, Filtering and more
  • This is a roll. Also available by the box and 5 Yard Cuts. Length is continuous.


    Our cheesecloth comes in various grades or qualities ranging from grade 10 (wide and open weave) to grade 90 (very thick, tight weave). 100% cotton, our cheesecloth is bleached for a bright white, gauze-like fabric that is not only great for food applications, here for more description and product video