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36" Grade #10 Cheesecloth (100 Yard Box)

36" Grade #10 Cheesecloth (100 Yard Box)

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Grade 10 Cheesecloth Swatch  
  • Grade #10 cheesecloth
  • 100% Cotton
  • Bleached White
  • Food Grade
  • Thread count: 20 x 10
  • Great for Cleaning, Cooking, Crafts, Medical Gauze, Filtering and more
  • Available by the box and 5 Yard Cuts. Length is continuous.


    Our cheesecloth comes in various grades or qualities ranging from grade 10 (wide and open weave) to grade 90 (very thick, tight weave). 100% cotton, our cheesecloth is bleached for a bright white, gauze-like fabric that is not only great for food applications, but...click here for more description and product video


    Grade 10 Cheesecloth Grade 20 Cheesecloth Grade 40 Cheesecloth Grade 50 Cheesecloth Grade 60 Cheesecloth Grade 80 Cheesecloth Grade 90 Cheesecloth
    20x12 20x16 24x20 28x24 32x28 40x32 44x36

    See below for a closeup of the grade 10 cheesecloth:
    Grade 10 Cheesecloth Close-Up