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Lace Trim (2") - 100 Yard Roll #59289 (Cream)


Lace Trim (1.5") - 10 Yard Roll #LW15A (White)

Lace Trim (3 1/2") - 10 Yard Roll #LW1586 (White)

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Quick Overview

- White Color
- Raschel Lace
- Scalloped On Both Sides
- Ships from Canada
- Machine Washable

SKU: LACLW158610

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Lace Trim White (3.5") - LW1586 - 10 Yard Roll

Our lace trim, style LW1586 is made up of a high quality and durable material and is machine washable and Rustic Wedding White Lacenot stretchable. The design includes a floral pattern from a medium hold weave and is scalloped on both sides. It can be used to add a touch of class to any home furnishings, decor, gift wrapping or garments. Pair it with our burlap to add a rustic feel to your event.

We offer lace trim wholesale that is of very high quality, extreme versatility as well as has a long life. The lace generally is available in white, cream and black colors and thus can offer you a variety of options as well as customizations for all your needs. Rolls are offered in ten yard bundles, which Lace Trim Cream Full Rollare highly convenient. These are wrapped tightly around a rectangular cardboard, so the shipment is light, saving bucks on shipping yet keeping the lace in excellent condition. Larger quantities are made available on demand as well. You can use laces as per your needs; you can use them for weddings, parties, clothing as well as accessories by ordering our discount lace trim. Accent a rustic event with stunning lace with our burlap and look at the attention you will garner. To make your cards or wedding invitations elegant, pair them with lace lace trim paired with burlapand see the magic. Florists can use burlaps to wrap flower bouquets and make the bouquet rustically elegant.

 You can use this lace for decorating your wedding in virtually limitless ways. Use it for making bride’s veil and look how beautiful it looks because of the white, light as well as pretty floral designs. Feeling quirky, make the while dress by overlapping the laces and make a simply stunning dress in a very cost effective way. Your wedding dress will be light, breathable, beautiful and pretty if you make it by usinglace trim on invitations bulk lace. For decorations give an elegant yet rustic touch to the burlap table runners, sashes, wall hangings and aisle runners with our lace. The wedding cake can be decorated with lace trim as well. Your invitations can also have lace trim attached to them to make them much more stunning.

 Say you are planning to arrange a rustic event, and then you need more than our burlap; increase the rustic touch with our stunning lace trim yardage! Burlap provides a nice and elegant feel to weddings or any other event but lace trims can simply raise the standard just with its presence. Burlap with cottoBlack Lace Trimn lace is not only rustic; it is rustic to the core as it creates a facade of serenity, elegance and subtlety. The ruggedness of jute burlap is tamed with the beautiful lace and brings the decoration full circle. The lace can be easily used to decorate table runners, placemats, napkins and even chairs.

 You can even use lace at home too. Decorate your linens by buying lace trim wholesale. You can use it to decorate your tablecloths, blankets, bedspreads as well as pillowcases and see the difference in Cotton Lace Trimyour monotonous rooms. You can even make your clothes elegant by attaching laces to blouses, socks, dresses etc. You can also make beautiful doll clothing, or decorate the readymade and create stunning miniature pieces. For a different stroke, use lace as headgear, tie it as a bandana, scarf or use it as a muffler. To give a personal touch to your bags or purses the dye able white lace can work wonders.


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