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  • 63" cotton canvas roll 63" cotton canvas roll
  • 63" cotton canvas roll 63" cotton canvas roll
  • 63" cotton canvas material 63" cotton canvas material
  • Colored Cotton Canvas Rolls Colored Cotton Canvas Rolls

Sample of Canvas


Cotton Canvas 72" full bolt - 25 meters

Cotton Canvas 63" full bolt - 25 meters

Quick Overview

- $5.50/meter!
- As Low As $5.05/mtr

- Cotton Canvas 60"
- Thread size 10x6
- Thread count 76x28
- 10 oz/square yard.
- Ships in quantities of 25 metres.


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 Since it is made from heavy gauge fabric, the 60” Cotton Canvas holds off brilliantly. This fabric is used fCotton Canvas Rollor multiple purposes due to its stocky and compact weave. It can be used as an alternate to unprimed painter’s canvas, due to its cost effectiveness.

It can be used for making cotton canvas prints with various patterns and structures due to its simple dyeing methods and quality to absorb fabric paints easily. It also the problem of fabric’s ripping while
Cotton Canvas Backpackpulling it on a frame and remains resolute. It is specifically designed for school students as they can use it for various purposes such as art work or sewing.

This canvas can be used to get started for painting by learners or for kids to have fun with. It is used regularly for painting sceneries and backing sets, which are used heavily in stage performances. There are other important uses of this fabric which constitute all kinds of outdoorCanvas Tent climbing equipment and sheds such as tents, backpacks, tarpaulins, etc due to this fabric’s strong and rugged weave.

It has a lot of application in the making of bathroom curtains and
also as sails. Tote bags, which are environment friendly and good for Canvas Bageveryday use, are also made from this type of fabric. Clothes, which are used for purposes requiring a lot of movement and lengthening, can be made from this type of fabric as it prevents tearing.

The roll that is available for you has a thread size of 10x6 with a thread count of 76x28, 10 oz/square yard. It can also be purchased by the meter and shipping of full rolls occurs for quantities of 25 meters. Also available in several colors.


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  1. cOTTON -cANVAS review by Franzie's FABRIC shop on 13-03-14

    The quality of the canvas material is just what we wanted. The order was timely and the quality was excellent. Thank you

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