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  • Burlap 40" x 100 Yards (Folded) Unfinished Edges Burlap 40" x 100 Yards (Folded) Unfinished Edges
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Polyester Stuffing (Unprocessed)- 635 lb Bale


Quilt Batting 45" x 90 Yards

Burlap 40" x 100 Yards (Folded) Unfinished Edges

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Quick Overview

- 40" wide x 100 Yards (Folded)
- 100% natural burlap
- Recyclable.

- 10oz weight-medium
- Industrial Size
- 50 lbs
This is an industrial sized item. We cannot ship this via our regular carriers. You must arrange for your own pickup.

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Burlap Fabric
Burlap (sometimes known as jute) is 100% natural and therefore biodegradable. An eco friendly product that can be used, reused and then recycled or even composted it. It can be used for a wedding to give it a classic and natural look and then recycled. Resale is also a good option, sell it to someone that can use it for something else such as; tree wraps, covering concrete while it dries, or a art store. 

Cure Concrete with Organic BurlapConstruction Use
This industrial size burlap is perfect for construction use. Dampened burlap is excellent for curing concrete. The damp fibers of the burlap blanket keep the wet concrete from drying too quickly, as well as keep the temperature perfectly controlled to simulate a Burlap Concrete Curing Blankethumid environment.  The organic burlap material degrades naturally over time and is environmentally friendly.
Scent & Care
Burlap gives off a pleasant rustic scent that comes from the linseed oil that is used to make the jute fibres more efficient to weave in the manufacturing process. To get rid of this scent just sprinkle a little bit of baking soda over the fabric or air it out in the sun for a short while. Burlap fabric may have some natural creases in
it. Iron the burlap a little bit to have perfectly pressed burlap. Remember to place a sheet between the burlap and the iron.
Burlap Rolls
Primarily used
for gardening or constructions purposes. Wrap trees and keep them safe for the winter with burlap rolls, or cover the soil of plants while still letting them receive water. It can be used to cover concrete while it dries and absorb access moisture. Wedding designers and event planners use it for rustic affairs. Use burlap to decorate a rustic wedding or a rustic style event.

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