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Polyester Stuffing - 1 lb Bag


Polyester Stuffing - 2.5 lb Bag

Polyester Stuffing - 2 lb Bag

Quick Overview

- 2 lbs bag of premium polyester stuffing
- Packaged & labelled for resale
- Natural Softness
- Mildew Proof, Hypoallergenic and Odourless
- High Loft -Washable
- See video and full description below


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Non retail stuffing bagPolyester Fiber fill

Nusso’s polyester stuffing is made in Canada from 100% non recycled hollow siliconized conjugate polyester fiber. Our stuffing is hypo allergenic, making this stuffing great to use, even for those who suffer from allergies. The polyester makes use of only all-new staple fiber, to ensure the best quality. This stuffing is naturally very soft and has a high loft (it is very puffy). There are many uses for this plush including stuffing pillow forms and cushion inserts, stuffing for toys and plushies, as well as fake snow for holiday themed projects. If you are stuffing pillow inserts, it is useful to note polyester stuffed bed pillowthat the amount of stuffing you need will depend up how plump you want it. The amount of stuffing that we use is about 1 lb for an 18” x 18” and 1.8 lbs for a standard 20” x 26” sleeping pillow. Machine Stuffed Plush Toyswashable (in cool water) and mildew proof. We offer our stuffing in both bulk and retail sizes and packaging. Our retail packaging comes with a UPC code and label, and will easily fit on a store shelf for easy resale.


Additional Information

  1. Super light and fluffy review by Anonymous on 11-07-08

    Super light and fluffy. Makes our cushions fuller. Willing to buy more.

  2. The polyester stuffing, which we had ordered, was wonderful. review by Anonymous on 11-06-11

    The polyester stuffing, which we had ordered, was wonderful. The polyester filling is brand new and the time it took to deliver it to our doorstep was real quick. Thank you very much for being such great people.

  3. Cool delivery time review by Anonymous on 11-05-10

    Cool delivery time…. great service. Way to go!. Light and fluffy polyester stuffing

  4. Neat Polyester stuffing review by Anonymous on 10-11-02

    Neat Polyester stuffing…. very fluffy and light makes our cushions fuller. Want to try your pillow inserts for our next project.

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